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Kidz Star Club

Kidz Star Club


Pippins runs Kidz Star Club - before and after school care at Landscore School. Our Ofsted registration number EY429479, we are open when the school is open. We close if the school closes for any reason, our term-dates are the same as Landscore's.

About Kidz Star Club


Kidz Star Club was opened on the 4th July 2011 following an Ofsted inspection registration certification on the 27th June 2011. It is run by the Pippins Pre-School Practitioners who are qualified and experienced. The pre-school has been established for over 40 years. Pippins has achieved excellent Ofsted reports the most recent one on the 19th September 2011 was awarded “Outstanding”. Pippins is also ICAN accredited which focuses on children’s speech and language development.

Our name

A competition for a club name and logo was offered to all the registered club members. An independent committee member chose the four designs and logos. The children then voted on their favourite two and then their favourite. The name and logo was designed by Kai Pickard year 3.

About the club

Kidz Star Club is an inclusive before and after school club for children aged 3 -14 years. The club centers it’s focus on the children who attend. We facilitate activities to meet the needs of the children who attend. The playleader and playworkers are dedicated, motivated, passionate about playwork and caring enabling them to meet the children’s individual needs. It’s a friendly fun club. At Kidz Star Club we encourage children to develop life learning skills, have fun, discover and explore in a rich, stimulating and safe environment.



Kidz Star Club aims to ensure all children are included, treated and respected as individuals by offering


Children at Pippins are encouraged to be independent, select the resources they require, make decisions, errors and choices by initiating their own play. Pippins promotes kinesthetic learning through discovery and experience using a planned balance of adult –directed, freely chosen or child-initiated activities.

We focus on developing children’s existing skills by building their knowledge using their interests, giving them opportunities to engage in playing, sharing, learning and working together.

A designated adult will be your child’s key person who will bond, relate and form an attachment helping to develop and boost their self esteem, self reliance and independence by having someone they can depend upon and feel secure with.

Practitioners are qualified, experienced positive role models and provide positive interaction and engagement with children. They have excellent observation, supervision and listening skills. Pippins promotes positive behavior uses diversion techniques and actively promotes and implements anti-discriminatory procedures.

Kidz Star Club respects individual parenting styles and respects the parent as the primary educator. We are proud of our strong relationships with parents and are accommodating and adapting our settings procedures to meet the needs of all our parents and carers.

To enable children to achieve and maximize their potential to learn and develop Pippins offers a variety of flexible, planned, structured activities. We seize spontaneous opportunities such as a hail storm. Activities include:-

Kidz Star Club takes the holistic approach of each child and partnership with parents is valued and respected.